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From day-to-day IT support, to long term strategic planning, we are the destination for business IT needs. Our SMB platform ensures long term savings through cost analysis and usage statistics, along with simplified onboarding and off boarding for your employees.

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OSA Technology Partners is an IT managed services provider headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We are technology architects with an eye for opportunity, implementing modern solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Day-to-Day IT support

OSA support is only a click away. Through a quick chat for basic support, or opening a ticket for more advanced assistance, our team is ready and prepared for any situation.


As a growing business, keeping track of user licenses, contracts, and software systems is a full-time job. OSA will consolidate these under one roof and provide a monthly report for your convenience.

Data Back-up & Recovery

Losing your data is not only frustrating, but a loss of time and money. We back-up each device and service to always be prepared for the worst.


Businesses are at constant threat from cyber attacks. OSA will outfit your business with industry leading protection and infrastructure analysis.

Password Management

Zero-Trust Security is a core tenet of ours. We review each user’s access levels to ensure that critical systems and confidential information is only accessible by necessary employees.

  • Sophos Global Partner
  • 1Password
  • Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • JumpCloud
  • Dropbox

OSA’s MVP Model

Efficiently manage growth and asset lifecycle across your entire technology estate.




Month-to-month contracts

Our offering is built on a monthly-flex contract.

OSA’s SMB offering is built on a monthly-flex contract. Eliminating the need for Annual Contracts allows your business to scale up or down effortlessly, based on your daily usage and consumption, not annual. OSA is your IT partner, optimizing your costs, software, and services to meet your businesses' needs at all times.

Proactive approach

Future-Proof Your Business

OSA began as a group of software and data engineering consultants with an eye for opportunity, helping businesses recognize high tides in their futures, and helping them weather those tides. With 50+ years of industry experience, we’ve seen some things. Whether it was the fear of Y2K, or an entire world suddenly attempting to work from home, OSA has experienced it all. We take pride in helping create a strategic business plan for your company to ensure you are prepared for anything the future may bring.

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